Regina Shumate Holistic Health Coach SOHP

10 Years



We're often reluctant to ask for help because of the social threats involved—uncertainty, risk of rejection, the potential for diminished status, surrender of authority. It is difficult to know our blind spots ourselves, which may hinder our ability to live life to the fullest. But with support from others, it becomes easy to learn, grow and heal in any or all walks of our lives.

Hello and welcome to my Plumm profile; I am Regina Shumate. I have been a Holistic Health Coach for over 9 years. I started by getting my B.S. in Health Science. I continued my education and received a Holistic Health certification through the Association of Drugless Practitioners.

With my safe, holistic and solution-based approach, we can work together to set visionary goals to find solutions to your physical health goals and mental wellness so you may have a healthy work-life balance. With the help of an empathetic but objective relationship in therapy, we can work together to bring you your authentic self.
I will provide an open, safe and non-judgmental environment for us to work in. All I ask is that you bring a commitment to be actively curious about yourself and your circumstances. The remote to change your life is in your courts, but most definitely, I can bring my expertise to help you accelerate your growth and success.





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