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Engagement Manager, FARFETCH
Francisco Azevedo

Engagement Manager,

I couldn’t feel prouder to have worked with
all the Plumm family! Besides being amazing
human beings, you are extraordinary
and tireless professionals who are truly
dedicated to a greater good. FARFETCH
couldn’t have a better partner!

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Poor mental health costs
UK employers up to £56 billion a year.

The figure has risen from £45bn in 2019 to £56bn in 2020-21.

Employers see a return of £5.30 on average for every £1 invested in employee wellbeing.
40% of total turnover costs are now attributable to mental health issues.
Mentally distressed workers cost employers up to £3,710 each.

2 in 3 employees who intentionally left their job past 12 months –
or planned to – said this decision was driven by poor mental health.

Seamless employer experience
  • Effortlessly roll-out Plumm in seconds
  • Integrates seamlessly with MS Teams & Slack
  • 60% average employee engagement rate
  • Real-time team wellbeing reporting
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
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Personalised employee experience
  • World-class wellbeing support in over 30 languages
  • Easy-to-book video sessions as early as the next day
  • 24/7 Chat therapy and unlimited access to self-help resources
  • Unlock therapy, coaching, and counselling in a single swipe
Expert-led training courses

Our courses are researched, written,
and presented by accredited experts
in their respective fields.

Training courses include:

  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Mental Health Skills for Leadership

Supporting your team’s wellbeing
has never been easier.

Plumm offers an all-in-one, evidence-backed wellbeing solution
that puts your people in the driving seat – allowing them to work
on any goal they want, anytime, from anywhere, and using any
wellbeing resource that works for them.

Asim amin Founder & CEO Plumm
Asim amin Founder & CEO Plumm
Asim amin Founder & CEO Plumm
Asim amin Founder & CEO Plumm

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