The story behind Plumm

You might be asking - why Plumm?

Because we’ve been there. And we want it to change.
Plumm Founder, Asim Amin, has first-hand experience with the reality of mental health.
Asim’s mother suffered with depression, and for most of his life, this was all Asim knew. He saw with his own eyes how mental health could affect not only us, but those around us, too.
When his mother finally had enough of living under such a dark cloud, she took the steps to ask for help.

Asim realised how difficult conversations about mental health could be. In turn, he also saw how much could be gained from them. His mission is now to make those conversations easier for others.
Working with a team of experts, Asim created Plumm – a safe space for people from all over the world, from every background and culture, to get mental health help and support at their own convenience.

The future is now

It’s 2021 and we are more ‘connected’ by technology. Tweets, snaps, posts. Yet we are less connected with our emotions, wellbeing and each other. Burnt out, coping with a pandemic, struggling to maintain a work-life balance are just some of the obstacles stopping you from focusing on you!
Plumm is here to change that. We need to act now to impact our future. Make mental health a priority. Make you a priority. It’s time to grow.

Plumm Health Team

Meet our team

asim amin Plumm
Asim Amin

Founder & CEO

Nabil Plumm
Nabil Ismail

Co - Founder & COO

Ramiz Plumm
Ramiz Khan


ashley lourens Plumm
Ashley Lourens

Head of Wellbeing

Elisabetta Torretti Plumm
Elisabetta Torretti

Head of Partnerships

laryn levine Plumm
Taryn Levine

Head of Marketing

Sakshi Plumm
Nadia Ajmal

Head of People

beth Plumm
Beth Plaskett

Partnerships Manager

Amy Kennedy Plumm
Amy Kennedy

Partnerships Manager

Amy Kennedy Plumm
Tayla-Michelle Bestbier

Wellness Executive

hebe Plumm
Hebe Horley

Customer Support Executive

sana Plumm
Sana Fetouh

Operations Executive

asim amin Plumm
Pedro França

Design Expert

Pallavi Plumm
Pallavi Kumari

Content Ninja

Farah Mahmoud Plumm
Farah Mahmoud

Video Editor

Neelofar Plumm
Neelofar Khan

Sales Administrator

dodo Plumm

Barketeing Pawficcer

foxy Plumm

Head of Puplick Relations

NoorGul Plumm

Junior Pawject Manager

coco Plumm

Mis-chief pawficcer

henry Plumm

Purrformance Manager

rosceo Plumm

International Snuggle Head

minu Plumm

Human-feline relations expert

ziggy Plumm

Treat testing team

Eva Plumm

Adventure Management

Rocky Plumm

Cat-egory manager

tequila Plumm

Senior Su-purr-visor

tequila dog Plumm

(P)awesome Smile Acquisition Head

tylac cat Plumm

Experience Meow-nager

pebbles cat Plumm

Chief Morale Officer

roxy cat Plumm

SEO Meowster

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